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The UK Could Quite Easily Double Its Growth; Only Penny Mordaunt Has Hit On The First Step


This review of Mordaunt’s book on Amazon USA explains why. Quote:

This is SUPERB as a baseline take, the best I’ve seen from a political leader. Bravo Penny Mordaunt.

I’m in NYC and designed, managed & evaluated UN-assisted development programs and projects worldwide, including across Europe. The implementation knowhow this cries out for actually took us 30 years to fully get straight as new breakthroughs were factored in.

Success is a narrow target, and the process steps are critical-path and complex. Some parties may initially frustrate them. Absent this vital knowhow many visions fail in takeoff, and often increase frustration. But full realization of development possibilities on these lines is worth added trillions worldwide, and many billions to the UK. Here is a quick summary.

Three “knowhow universes”

(1) Knowledge of systems is vital. All development is better systems. All self made billionaires (Bill Gates, Bezos, Musk) invented systems. Systems are hierarchical, like Russian dolls; we used 7 levels, and could thus see and plan them in “3D”. In a big program like Penny’s, there will be at least hundreds. Read Christensen The Innovators Dilemma as an eyeopening first move.

(2) Knowledge of value, aka free cash flow or economic profit, and vitally how the S curve works; this is needed to target the value that the systems will create. Narrow prospect; worldwide 20% of capacity is creating 80% of all value; much of the rest is parasitic and a net growth negative.

(3) Knowledge of change processes to action (1) and (2) especially forming high performance groups and creating networks; women are usually best at this as they lead from behind and are inclusive. Such processes can readily involve thousands. They must be bottom-up.

Various further tips

(1) Going back into history such integrating functionalism was first imagined in the League of Nations in the 1930s, though too late to stop WWII and the Holocaust and Cold War.

(2) In 1970 the global UN development structure was reoriented by the General Assembly toward a giant systems enhancement machine intended to enable ALL nations to move up the ladder.

(3) In the 1990s American political appointees to the UN’s top layers for ideological reasons unilaterally chose to reverse this in part to clear a path for the transnationals (doing untold harm not least to the US; hence Trump).

(4) The EC as such is not far down this road at all, to its great cost. Instead of inventing systems and thus more value it tends to circumscribe them (hence Brexit).

(5) Such processes are highly bankable and should start to enhance financial inflows and growth prospects within a few months. (Stock markets and investment banks are essentially system-appraising devices.)

(6) Such processes if done bottom-up are very empowering. High performance work groups with visions can be the most addictive experience ever, especially with travel and other incentives. Major productivity boosters.

(7) Always run two similar processes at once, they will learn from one another. Both within the UK, or in this case one in the UK and one in Europe - Dutch, Danish, Swiss, Italian maybe.

Final Word

Finally, right horses for the course are vital. Penny Mordaunt seems very promising. Make sure to keep economists & lawyers & quants at arms length; no offense, but time & again they have disrupted such bottom-up, lead-from-behind learning and inventing processes.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/23/22 at 10:59 PM in
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